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my garden/allotment

A collection of blogs and articles written about individual allotment plots, gardens, or even about allotment sites.

Subcategories from this category: my allotment site, my garden, my plot
Clive has lived and worked all his life in central Somerset and when he retired his wife told him to take up a hobby, get an allotment or something. So he did. This all happened in September 2015. His plot is about 5m by 30m and had not been used for the previous four years. I think we can all imagine what it looked like ans was probably quite a daunting task. Deep rooted weeds, back breaking digging, is that what we all wish for when we retire? well perhaps if we look at the outcome, we might just say yes. This photoblog concentrates on the produce from the plot, whilst giving us just a couple of peeks at the plot itself, inspiring stuff if you think its taken less than a year.   Those regimental lines, look like trooping of the colour. As soon as there's a space he's got...
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When you meet a guy named Dragon on the internet, you just have to sneak a peek at his plot. So I took my trusted cameraman and myself off to A huge allotment site in London SW20. So what was I going to find? A gardener, who isn't allowed a Facebook page, because Dragon can't be his real name (sigh smiley) The plot is divided in two separated by a main road. The larger side houses the shop, toilet and other facilities including bees and has over 100 plots. Dragon's side is smaller and has some lovely trees in blossom breaking up the space.There are quaintly named sign posts around the site so you don't get lost My host was busying himself with making some stacking beds, which he will blog about on his own blog but we can have a sneak preview thanks to the wonders of the Ipad Simply...
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 When Michael was looking for an allotment, the council offered him the rubbish tip as a plot.  The other allotment holders said it was to far gone. The council wanted cut the plot up in to 10 very small plots but when people came and looked at the amount of work involved no one was daft enough to do all that work  Looks a bit barren   Get weeding, we've all had to start somewhere  The pallets and a little helper arrive  Looks like Michael has put a little seat in the middle of the plot to sit on and plan his beds   Better save these, they might be useful for something   Looks like there's still some way to go Hmm, is this South facing?  Has he actually started yet? What a mess, but at least we can see the church now after all that chopping He got 1 years free rent...
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I was asked if I could contribute to this section back in the summer. A great idea started by Jerry and Phyl but I was sad to see no other allotment owners contributing. Maybe this will jolt a little interest. It's nearly Christmas and I have finally crawled out of the woodwork or should I say garden. I was brought up tending and helping on my dad's allotment in West Yorkshire. This allotment is still being looked after by my dad, now 80, and as you can see above its a little run down and a bit like Steptoe's yard. I have now moved on to pastures new and although I do help in Steptoe's yard I now have my own little bit of heaven. My allotment isn't actually an allotment because its on my own land; it is my plot. Still in Yorkshire, surrounded by nine lovely neighbours, and I have the biggest and most hidden...
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Our allotment is in Bute Road Wallington, Surrey. Unfortunately it has a fenced off public footpath running right down the middle of it. This has over the years meant that the site has been considered as two separate allotments. When I first decided to get a plot, you could not even see one half of the plot due to some uncultivated overgrown plots being completely covered by brambles. Fortunately these plots have been taken on by some very keen gardeners and now the plots are visible from the path. The downside of this is thieves are also now aware of the site and there have been some break-ins and minor damage. Two years ago a committee was formed with members from both sides of the fence, this has led to joint working parties, clearing communal paths and creating an area for deliveries and barbecues. There is a thriving shop, staffed by...
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