Allotment Projects

Building a leaf mould bin can be done in less than half an hour. This method uses equipment that can be reused, unlike the simple method of using black sacks which eventualy end up in the landfill.
Here's a simple method of making a raised bed for free. The only tools required are a saw (we also used a billhook to make the battens - a hatchet would have been better,, but you can use the saw) and a hammer (recycled from an old rusty hammer head and an old rusty cold chisel). We also used a saw horse (made out of a pallet) and a lump hammer for bashing the battens…
Depending on which system you decide to use on your allotment, at some stage most gardeners decide to use some form of raised bed system - even if this is only for the permanent crops - in my case the asparagus, globe artichokes and rhubarb. This guide shows how to go about doing this. Here they use new decking boards, but many allotmenteers will use whatever is available, and this may range from old fencing…
Recently we asked for some advise on our social media pages on the best method/equipment on cutting sheets of 4mm polycarbonate sheets, to reglaze a greenhouse   We were told it was best to use a hacksaw, a fine bladed jigsaw, a normal "StanleyBlade" style knife and one individual suggested we contacted Jewelblade Ltd as they had a variety of blades and cutting equipment.   Having contacted Jewelblade for guidance, they provided us with a…
Looking for cheap timber for allotment projects? The humble shipping pallet can often provide all you need. The problem is how to dismantle it without damaging the wood. We found this video on youtube showing how to dismantle a pallet (and quickly too!)
This is an eco friendly, efficient, cheap and a great project. This video below shows how a Stowford Primary School in 2011 built their own greenhouse from 1500 used plastic pop bottles. The idea is a simple on, the bottles not only let in a huge amount of light, but they also 'trap' air which is excellent insulation. I wonder whether this is actually a better solution for overwintering plants than a traditional greenhouse, which…
This Pallet compost bin is not only easy to make, it looks good, and is the cheapest and in my opinion one of the best composting methods for an allotment. I recommend having at least 2 of these, so you can let 1 rot, while you fill the other.
Whilst a tad unusual, I found this video on youtube where they make raised beds... and I mean proper raised beds out of old shipping pallets.  Well worth a look. I might give these a try next year, perfect solution for small salad crops!
We love this idea, and if your space is limited this is a great way to grow a lot of stuff in a very limited space. Ideal for growing salad on the allotment?... Make sure you keep it well watered though.
This is a great way to use and old bucket. I have made a few of these out of old fertisliser buckets.

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